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Bob would like to thank all the English students at Thales Alenia Space Italia for giving their best to make 2013 a very constructive year, and hopes that you will all continue to stay in tune with the language. Don’t hesitate to touch base for any linguistic issue you may incur. Leave a comment

Stella Milella

Innovative, that's the adjective that can best resume Robert Balchus' method to improve my English. I'm so grateful to my best friend who advised me to try it!


These last years I studied English in a company course following many interesting movies. "Ratatouille," for example, is beautiful, important and has a magic about it that captivates viewers. Courage, genius, poverty/wealth are essential components that involve and interest everyone: I like this didactic approach and I think these movies are able not only to create positive social relationships among colleagues, but they also allow me to better my knowledge of English and its culture.