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Your Pitch Seminars

Market yourself, your project, or your product in English

It’s all about telling a “story” genuinely, persuasively & compellingly that will open the doors for you when venturing to sell your professional skills, your product or your project.

In any business, in any art or profession, it will be your “story” & how you present it that will give you the added edge needed to stand out.

Whatever product, project or idea you have – in any field of endeavor – don’t miss out on creating your “PITCH” on paper & learn how to deliver it powerfully so that you may put your best foot forward in making yourself understood & be in demand in English.

Individual Pitch:

18 hours of Coaching (3 weeks live & remote) at the end of which the participant will have completed his personal PITCH in English in written and oral form and will be able to present himself in a winning way.

        Fee: 1.500,00 €

8 two-hour sessions twice a week (live & remote)

for a total of 16 hours; at the end of which each participant will have completed their personal PITCH in English in written and oral form. Minimum 4 students and maximun 6 students. Pre-intermediate to advanced level required.

         Tarif: 400,00 €


for your 60 second video pitch.

      Tarif: 1.500,00 €

Please indicate your profession, your product, your field of endeavor.

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